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That Badass Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

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Dec 23, 2019

Today we reflect on our year: what went good, bad, and everything  else in between for 2019.

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Dec 16, 2019

Today we chat with researcher Genee about the dangers of Botox.  Something after surviving a life-threatening botulism experience she became increasingly determined to spread awareness about. 

An important listen for anyone considering the 'beauty' injectable.

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Dec 9, 2019

Today we chat about binge eating & food addiction with author Tanya Willis. We go over signs & symptoms of binge eating, tips on moving from food punishment to food empowerment, and finish it off with tips & tools on how to decrease the sugar load in your family and thus likelihood of developing binge eating...

Dec 2, 2019

Today we chat with Olivia Celine, sex coach & energetic alchemist about our sexual/erotic blueprint.  She touches on the different sexual blueprints, and how when you learn more about what yours and your partners are, you can create a deeper, more passionate sexual relationship with one another.

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